Mini HorseJust off historic Route 30 in Gettysburg lives the Land of Little Horses Farm Park.  Since1971 this working farm-turned attraction has been delighting children of all ages with their up close and personal collection of tiny horses.  We assure you these are not ponies… but fully-grown horses, just smaller.  The smallest one measured just 26 inches tall!  They even let me hold one of the younger ones.  Now I can honestly say without lying that I picked up a horse and held it in with my immense power.  Strong like horse!

lil bronco


We found out all sorts of interesting things about these strangely-small beasts, most notably that they didn’t get this way by smoking or anything bad like that… they were actually bred to be small.  Though they may never play in the NBA, they seem to make pretty cool pets… just not for riding.  And if you really want one after seeing them up close, they do have some for sale.  – Dave H.