Dave, Dave & Frank are back on the road today shooting the rest of the stories for our “Strange PA” show.  Today we cranked out 2 stories.  First stop, Gravity Hill.  To those of you who may have never heard of this… it’s either an optical illusion or some sort of sinister step into a bizarro world where up is seemingly down and vice versa!  It’s a stretch of back road near New Paris, PA a tenth of a mile long where you put your transmission in neutral and your vehicle appears to drift up hill.  Wacky?  Yes.  Strange.  For sure.  It really felt strange when we did it in reverse. 

 Oh yeah… we brought along one of those big exercise balls and let a family give it a go before they challenged gravity in their minivan.  The ball didn’t really prove anything and just kind of rolled off the road into a ditch.  Physics really isn’t our game.

Part 2 of our day was spent nearby at a Gulf station.  Gas may be over $4 a gallon, but when the gas station is a 1930’s art deco building modeled after an Egyptian temple, it sort of lessons the sting.  Situated in scenic Bedford, PA, Dunkle’s Gulf Station stands as one of the last bastions of style amongst all of the chain-look, anywhere-America type buildings. 

Stylish gas station

Gulf Deco

While we were in Bedford we also stopped at the giant coffee pot building.  Sadly it wasn’t filled with coffee.  – Dave H.

big cup of joe