Welcome to Dave & Dave’s very first attempt at blogging.  I know I used to blog a bit back in the 80’s but the doctor gave me a shot and I felt better than ever.

This is going to be the place to learn more about us, our show, and what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling, which trust me, is much funnier and more entertaining than our show.

If you have any questions, send them our way.  If you have any comments, let them be heard.  And yes, we will be getting some new episodes soon.

Beginning in June 2008, Dave and I will be working on our new statewide 1-hour special called Strange Pennsylvania.  That should take until late August and air in September.  We’re also supposed to be shooting a new show about Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary…that’s coming in the fall as well.

We’re going to try and update the blog as often as possible and we’ll also be able to tell you about the many shenanigans that we find ourselves involved in.

Thanks for watching, and now thanks for reading.