Our first leg of the Strange PA shoot is over.  With just over 1,100 miles on the van, I’m sure the gas we used cost more than the van itself. 


And when you sit in the van as much as we do, you learn a lot of things.  So here is what I’ve learned in the van in Leg 1 of Strange PA:

UPS drivers only make right turns. (I don’t know why or how this works)

Stay in the right lane when driving Rte. 61 in Pottsville.

“Ephemeral” does NOT mean “timeless”

You have to go down to get to any river

Pittston is the tomato capital of the world

Frank collects sticks as trophies

Grip strength determines overall lifting capabilities

The lock & dam system allows our rivers to be navigatable

You can’t go South on Rte. 309 in Wilkes Barre from Wyoming Avenue at 2am

Chicken wings do NOT come from baby birds

The Susquehanna river runs through every city in this state

Any smell can be tolerated after 10 minutes

Speed and sudden movements on the road will kill you

slow car + left lane = road rage

I’m not sure how any of this will help me later in life, but I’m sure there will be an even longer list when we get to the 2nd leg of our trip.  Stay tuned.  – Dave R