When you think of dog racing, the dachshund is probably the last breed that comes to mind, but at Kennywood Park, just outside of Pittsburgh, the “Wiener 100″ features nothing but the short-legged, long-on-spirit wiener dogs!  Dave, Frank & I have shot in Kennywood many times over the years, and it is a favorite location for roller coasters, cutting edge rides, nostalgic scenery, Halloween haunts and a lot more, but this would have to be a first.  It turns out these miniature pups are quite friendly and deceptively fast, but as we would soon find out, the race itself would be more like an exercise in chaos.  Three heats were held with 7 elite dachshunds trying their best in each race.  Fun?  Yes.  Strange?  Definitely!  Of all of the cute little dogs, a special guy named “Asher” was a sentimental favorite due to his non-functioning back legs and his use of a small, 2-wheeled cart that was strapped to him.  While he didn’t win… he did finish in very fine form.  Good for him.  – Dave H.