After a successful shooting day at the castle in New Milford we noticed that a band called “M-80″ was playing in nearby Kingston that night at a place called Nightcaps.  Over the last 2 or 3 years Frank kept telling us about this amazing 80’s cover band he saw in Atlantic City called “M-80″ and it seemed like we always just missed seeing them wherever we were shooting last summer and the summer before that.  Tonight would be the night!  After a quick snack at TGI Fridays near our hotel, we set out for Nightcaps and were rewarded moments after our $5 covers with an open pool table right inside the door.  Nice.  Dave R in addition to being a card shark is also quite a pool shark as well.  Wonder how he spent most of his college years???  Around 10:30 “M-80″ hit the stage for 3 blistering sets of high energy 80’s classics.  Flock of Seagulls, Blondie, Go Gos, Men At Work, Billy Idol, The Buggles, Duran Duran, Culture Club, The Cars, Modern English, Simple Minds, U2 and medleys of scads of 80’s hits from Eddy Grant, B-52s, The Bangles, The Ramones & more.  The highlight for me was vocalist Jane Train’s powerful delivery of The Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.”  She totally rocked that out.  We stalked her were able to meet her between sets and she told me that she wasn’t feeling that well, but you’d never know it from her performance.  If you like the sounds of the 80’s, then the slick & fun sounds of the live “M-80″ experience is a must see.    I told Jane we almost caught them in Pittsburgh a few weeks back and she let me know another band using the same name was doing shows, so be careful to see the original “M-80,” and not some watered-down Foghat ripoff.  The real “M-80″ tours relentlessly and you can see their info at 

-Dave H