Rainy MorningUh oh… Our first day of rain of any kind on this leg of the “Strange PA” shooting.  The travel along Interstate 81 has been rough due to construction, so rain should add a layer of road rage to the mix for sure.  But we venture on… gas at Sheetz in Clarks Summit, only $3.95 per gallon and a Starbucks nearby… we’ll remember that for later.  Then it’s due North out of Wyoming County and into Susquehanna County toward the town of New Milford.  It’s not far from the New York border and the town of Binghampton.  We’re looking for the home of Ron & Joyce Hall and the directions they’ve given us are spot on.  We know we’re looking for a house with a big stone castle in the backyard… and we’re not quite sure what to expect.  Once we arrive, I can sum it up in one word, “Whoa!”  Think ‘Sherwood Forest meets Excalibur’ and you’re on the right track.  Ron started the castle with a few stones in 1978 and now, 30 years later it’s a 9 room, real, totally legit, hand-laid stone castle complete with moat, drawbridge, turrets and a lot more.  I’ve never seen anything like it, and the fact that one man did this all by himself makes me really question just how “handy” I think I am!  I can speak for both Dave & Frank too when I say we were totally blown away by Mr. Hall’s magical masterpiece. 




Easy with sword Dave… we need Frank to finish the show!  – Dave H