FoamMorning Brew  Thursday started for me just as it has for every day of ALL of our roadtrips, with Frank turning from cameraman to barista.  Frank is not only a talent behind the camera and in the edit room, but he makes a mean espresso and brings everything from home to make it possible… including his very heavy Breville espresso machine.  It’s the first piece of our travelling TV production gear that we unpack and set up.  Years ago we realized that every city wasn’t  blessed with a Starbucks, which meant we were on our own for our morning (& afternoon) macchiatos.  Not a big problem for Dave R who doesn’t mind gas station coffee.  But for Frank & I who savor our espresso at home… nothing less would be acceptable.  And I have to say, there’s nothing like a little tap on the hotel room door in the morning and a hot, perfectly made doppio macchiato waiting for you!  I wonder if he does that for his wife when he’s at home?  More about the Breville later, now it’s time to focus on today’s part of the show that we plan to shoot… a giant backyard stone castle in the New Milford area.  Now where did I put my suit of armor??? -Dave H