Mostly a travel & recon day… day 1 went very smoothly.  Here are the highlights in pictures…

Day1 Trip to Philly 001

Frank at the wheel… homemade scone in hand?  Whatever.  Frank invented a few words… and has no idea what “potable” means.  He thinks it is the same as “portable.” 




Day1 Trip to Philly 002

Our home away from home… only 2 stops today… a new record! 





Day1 Trip to Philly 004

Three Mile Island in the distance… No incidents to report, just beautiful, clean, natural energy…  Frank is sort of afraid of windmills and blimps.




Day1 Trip to Philly 005

Racing an Amish buggy in Morgantown, PA.  We totally won.  They only had 1 horsepower.





Day1 Trip to Philly 006   Lunch at AJ’s in Morgantown, PA.  (formerly Nick’s & Nunzio’s!)  Pepperoni slices all-around… Frank gives it a whopping “3.”  Sports store next door had a Favre/Jets jersey hanging out front.  Strange.Day1 Trip to Philly 007


Day1 Trip to Philly 009

Welcome to Philly!





Day1 Trip to Philly 011

Some impromptu research at Downey’s Tavern on South Street in Philly.





Day1 Trip to Philly 016

Dinner at Geno’s Steaks in South Philly.  THE mecca for the famous Philly cheesesteak.  “Wit whiz  & onions for Dave H & Frank… wit provolone for Dave R!”  Delicious… yessiree.