steelers-dvd-002Ok, I know the Penguins are playing for the Stanley Cup right now and it still counts as hockey season but… Warner Home Video just released a new Steelers DVD that you probably will be interested in.  It came out Tuesday and I think we’re all pretty good at multi-tasking so we can root for the Penguins and take a very nice look back at the Steelers’ run to the Super Bowl.

So why this DVD?  This one contains 4 games..the entire game.  So you get a very important Week #15 game against Baltimore.  You get both playoff games (San Diego & Baltimore) plus Super Bowl 43.  These are the entire broadcast games, not just highlights.  I just re-watched the Super Bowl and I got goosebumps watching the James Harrison interception, and the Santonio Holmes catch in the end zone to win it.  It was probably the best game in Steelers history, and easily a top 3 Super Bowl.

super-bowl-2super-bowl-3The folks at Warner Home Video were nice enough to send us a couple extra copies of the DVD as well and we’re giving them away to our Facebook friends for the next 3 Fridays.  If you like a chance to win one, click on over to our Facebook page to find out how.  – Dave R