hanks-nb-2-027So on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, we drove up Route 65 into Beaver County to visit the original Hank’s Frozen Custard in New Brighton.  There are a few differences between the two locations.  This location uses a newer machine to make the frozen custard, and you can’t really taste the difference.  But the big difference comes on the menu.  The location in Conneaut Lake pretty much sticks to just frozen custard.  In New Brighton, they have lots of food to choose from, including a substantial selection of Mexican food.  Yes, Mexican food.  Seems strange but they’ve been doing it for decades and it seems to work just fine.


My favorite touch is the original sign which is two paint brushes with the pallete of paint.  No, they don’t sell paint supplies.  The “paint” is supposed to represent the different flavors of frozen custard they offer.  Oh, that makes sense now.  You can see the new machine is a little more user friendly than the older machines.  Jeff Kohlmann is the owner now and bought it from the family that started the business way back in 1947.  We had some Black Raspberry Cheesecake (with real cheesecake pieces) and it was really good.  Big thanks to our Twitter friend Bree Ramsey who brought us a box of Oram’s donuts.  My daughter Delaney is now hooked and I will now probably be driving to Beaver county to procure these delicacies for her.  You know, we really have to roadtrip to Beaver County more often! – Dave R