dave-dave-033So now that it’s April and we have taken over WQED’s Neighborhood channel this month, you may be visiting our website and our blog for the very first time.  If so, welcome, take your coat off, put your zebra-striped snuggie on and stay awhile.

First off, since 4 of our 1 hour specials are airing during April, the first thing you should know is you can find links, web-exclusive video clips, and photos for each show by clicking on the SHOWS tab from the left side of the page.  There are some fun clips that we couldn’t fit into the show so check them out.

Next up, we have over 40 videos on demand on our “video Ipod” and you can get to that by clicking the VIDEO button.  There are a number of videos that never made a Saturday-night show, so scroll through the list for some fun stuff from the archives.

And for our last two shows, Strange Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh N’at, we have lots of behind-the-scenes posts in this blog.  Look on the right side of the screen under ‘categories’ to find a show, or just keep scrolling through to see all of our ramblings.

If you’ve ever wondering when something was going to air, or when we will be out and about in the area, just bookmark our main page because we always have our schedule listed.

For more twisted information, click on the DOSSIER and you’ll be able to learn fascinating tidbits like what 3 things are in my fridge and what Dave H’s favorite color is. 

And for twisted bits of wisdom, check out our cameraman Frank’s words of wisdom on the left side of each page.  It’s called Frank’s Corner.

So enjoy and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or facts about Guam, let us know by clicking on the CONTACT button or by visiting us on Facebook or Twitter. 

You may now return your tray tables to their upright position.  – Dave R