Sometimes our show is funny.  Of course my Mom tells me all the time we used to be a lot funnier than we are now.  Boom – roasted!  So that got me to thinking what are the funniest shows of all time?  And since I’m at blog post #4 of 10, I need to fill some space. So, as I see it, here are the top 5 sitcoms of all time:seinfeld

1. Seinfeld  It’s not even close.  The most quotable show of all time and for some reason, it seems like there is no situation in life where you can’t dig up a Seinfeld reference.  Season 4 was by far the best when they were writing the pilot for NBC, in fact, it may have been the most perfect season in sitcom history.mash

2. M*A*S*H*  Yeah, it got a bit preachy at the end and the series finale – while being the most watched program in TV history – was extremely lame.  But, it was also one of the best written shows of all time and had more jokes per square inch than just about any other.  Ferret Face – c’mon!  That’s gold Jerry!cheers     

3. Cheers  The whole Sam-Dianne thing got in the way of a lot of humor but the sight the George and Cliffy sitting at the bar makes me laugh every time.  I still have always wanted to order a Screaming Viking when I walked into a bar.  And yes, I would want my cucumber bruised.


4. The Office It’s only a few years old, but it is already one of the best ever.  Like Cheers, the Pam-Jim relationship gets in the way of humor, but there’s still enough left over to please.  And Dwight K. Schrute is a TV classic, much like Kramer from Seinfeld.

homer-135. The Simpsons  It’s been on the air for 20 years, and somehow, it is still funny.  Homer Simpson may be the funniest character ever on television.  Doh!

And here are 6 more that are great but just missed the cut in my mind:

 arr-development6.  Arrested Development   I was really pissed when FOX axed this show.  Very funny and very clever.  This is one of those shows like The Office and 30 Rock that needed a year or two on the air to find an audience but typical network executives – if it doesn’t get immediate ratings, it’s gone no matter what the quality.  Makes me have a hankerin’ for frozen bananas.



sunny-philly7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  This is actually my favorite comedy on TV right now.  Unfortunately, FX only airs the new episodes and never the repeats so you have to wait 10 months between seasons.  Still, it’s worth the wait because this show is like Seinfeld on crack.  Get the DVD box set of the 1st two seasons and you won’t be disappointed.

30-rock8. 30 Rock  Thank you NBC for allowing this show and The Office time to find an audience.  From Day 1, this has been a great show thanks to Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.  “I want to go to there.”



 9. Curb Your Enthusiasm  Larry David is god.  And on HBO, his demented mind can go ever farther than it could on Seinfeld.  Cringe-worthy humor every week.

10. South Park  I have to admit I don’t watch this show as much as I used to, but when it first came on the scene, there was nothing like it.  Poor Kenny.

11.  The Larry Sanders Show  This is a blast from the past, but another very funny show that you don’t hear much about.  It’s probably the only show I liked with Gary Shandling.  Ok, it was probably the only thing he was in.

Feel free to add you comments if you see something that is missing.  The sitcom genre went away for a while but seems to be coming back.  Dave H insists I start watching The Big Bang Theory but I just can’t get into it, and, I think I can find a Seinfeld reference for why I can’t watch it – “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Kenny was not harmed during the writing of this blog, although he was later killed.  You bastards!  - Dave R