office-pictures-0201I’m sure most of you out there have normal offices at work.  Maybe you have a lot of awards or photos on your walls, loads of important papers waiting to be signed.  An in-box, and out-box, a stapler.  Well, my office here at QED is a little different.
First off, my office is on the first floor here at QED. (There are 4 floors total)  I live right next door to QED cooking legend Chris Fennimore.  He’s the program director at WQED but everyone knows him asoffice-pictures-023 the “cooking guy.”  We call him Cookie.  If you have any questions about a recipe, let me know and I’ll ask him though the wall.       office-pictures-0121So here’s my desk.  Pretty clean ‘eh?  Some highlights above my desk is the fish mobile in the upper left, my collection of press passes including my most prized possession – our Super Bowl XL passes.  I got Fuzzy dice, and genuine New Orleans beads, and an FBI hat from the FBI training academy.  There is some legitimate work stuff but if you look above the computer monitor, you’ll see a red blur.  This is the Bloody Bison.  My daughter Madison came in one day when she was about 3 and drew that picture.  I think she meant for it to be a dog, but it looks more like a bloody bison so that stuck.


office-pictures-011Ok, next wall over is my black velvet Dogs Playing Poker.  I got this when I was in college and for some reason after I got married, my wife Pattie allowed me to take this to work instead of displaying it at home.  Below that is my “rolodex,” which involves about 23 post-its and various pieces of paper with phone numbers written on them.


office-pictures-007On the opposite wall is my bobbleheads underneath my black velvet paintings.  If you’ve seen our Belt Show, we stopped at a garage sale in the South Hills during the blue belt or maybe the green belt story, and I got these Reyes paintings.  Between them is the pig catapult, which I successfully kept out of my kids’ hands.  On the left if a map of Pennsylvania which is where we are going for our state shows.  Around the map is lots of fan mail that I saved including a guy who says our show helps with hangovers, and one guy who wanted us to help build him a house.  office-pictures-009


I like to think of it as dorm-room-chic.  Someday I promise that I will grow up.

No dust mites were harmed in any way during the writing of this blog. – Dave R