Since we haven’t been shooting too much the past few months, our blog has become pretty barren.  Tomorrow, that will change.  I am planning on writing 10 new blog posts over the next 10 days.  Crazy?  Yes.  Do-able?  Maybe.   Can I find 10 things to talk about to make this happen?  Probably not.  Will the creativity drain out of me by Day 5 as my writers-blocked mind warps with sloth?   Likely.  Will I just keep asking questions like this?  No, I hope not.

So, beginning tomorrow, March 18th, you hopefully will find 10 new posts and I will win this challenge or you can vote me off the island.

And since I’m calling this my March Madness – I will kick it off by telling you how to win your office NCAA tournament basketball poll – guaranteed.

– Dave R