So being named Dave is pretty common, especially at this TV station.  There was a time a few years ago that we had about 18 people named Dave who worked in this building.  In fact, there are still so many that I just go by my last name.  Hallewell goes by “H.”  Visitors to the station are often told that if they want to get someone’s attention, just yell out Dave or Jim.

So wouldn’t you know, I get this email a few months back from a T-shirt company in Vancouver, Canada. (beauty ‘eh!)  The company is run by 2 guys named Dave and they make T-shirts using the name Dave in catchy new slogans.

So these guys were nice enough to send along 2 shirts for us, because that’s what guys named Dave do, they look out for each other.  (No – this is not either of us, although I’m wishing I was on that beach!)

Here are their top ten selling slogan shirts right now:

10.   I want to rock and roll all night and party every dave.

9.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the dave.

8.   This is your lucky dave.

7.  Dave dreamer

6.  Dave in and dave out.

5.  All dave all of the time.

4.  G’dave mate.

3.  The first dave of the rest of your life

2.  Some daves are better than others

1.  A dave at the beach.

So you see, pretty clever stuff and if you know someone named Dave and want to surprise him with a unusual present, this would probably work.  Check them out at

Dave R