10.  Build an exact replica of Larry King’s TV set with a Light-Bright.

9.  Try to look tough while applying Chapstick.

8.  Invent something cool like cereal.

7.  Find out what the hell an ‘eminence front’ is.

6.  Never say “Me Three” after someone says “Me Too.”

5.  Punch anyone who uses the phrase, “outside the box.”

4.  Always order my high-fructose corn syrup on the side.

3.  Freak people out by constantly emphasizing the wrong syl-LAB-le.

2.  Find out whether there are in fact IHOP’s in places like Morroco or Iceland.

1.  Paint my car like the General Lee and take the backroads to and from work while being chased by the local cops.

-Dave H.