Okay, so in the previous post, the other Dave made his big ‘ol list of favorite ‘Dave & Dave’ stories, and he’s expecting me to do the same.  I thought about them sure… but while doing so I just happened to be listening to Christmas music and it got me thinking… What are my favorite all-time Christmas songs?  Let’s preface this by saying that I have a ka-jillion cds, before that cassettes and before that albums… so it may be a looooong blog entry if I were to list my favorites.  But in the spirit of the season I think I’ll pick 12. (for the 12 days of Christmas… nice)

Music is of course very subjective, but since I’m an expert, you’ll just have to trust me with these picks.  Some go way back… and some are relatively new additions.  But they all have one thing in common… they make the season more seasonable!

12.  The Platters “Blue Christmas” – they out-Elvis, Elvis by a snowy mile.

11.  Vanessa Williams “What Child Is This?” – a favorite song done beautifully.

10.  Beach Boys “Little Saint Nick” – can still see the album I had in first grade.  A classic.

9.  Los Straitjackets “Sleigh Ride” – instrumental bliss.  Impossible not to love.

8.  Ray Charles “This Time of the Year” – really nails the emotion of the holiday.  Beautiful.

7.  Neil Diamond “Little Drummer Boy” – great song (Joan JEtt has a cool version too) & Neil kills it.

6.  Tony Bennett “My Favorite Things” – kooky kool lyrics and Bennett-smooth.

5.  Stevie Nicks “Silent Night” – Sarah McLachlan has a great version too, but Stevie’s voice really rings.

4.  Peggy Lee “Happy Holiday” – just one of a pile of great Peggy Lee classics.

3.  Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney “Silver Bells” – the Christmas duet.

2.  Andy Williams “Do You Hear What I Hear” – the sweater man rules!  All his holiday stuff is must-have.

1.  Dean Martin “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” – everyone who has a fireplace should be required to own Dino’s Christmas tunes.  Fun, nostalgic and just plain cool.

It was hard to leave out other holiday heavyweights like Frank Sinatra, Lou Rawls, The Carpenters and so many more, but if you crank up my top 12 your eggs will be noggin for sure!  – Dave H.