Now that the WQED airwaves are about to emerge from a looooong pledge drive, Dave & Dave will be back at home, Saturday nights at 10:30 once again… and this time, we have 4 brand-spankin’ new episodes!

*Saturday, June 28th it’s a few adventures you’ve already seen plus our first ever on-set guest, our friend Susie Meister!  She rules!  The show has a “Wheels” theme and features an OnQ segment Dave R produced for Susie about roller derby.

*Saturday, July 5th it’s a brand new half hour of what really happens when the cameras go on without all that editing to make us look like we know what we’re doing and talking about!

*Saturday, July 12th it’s an all new half hour in a game show format which asks the eternal question… Is Pittsburgh smarter than a fifth grader? 

*Saturday, July 19th we do one of our ‘live to tape’ extravaganzas as we hit the giant Rogers Flea Market and see how much we can pack into 28 minutes.  Eeerily reminiscent of our Detroit-Greektown Super Bowl Fiesta from a few years back.

So there you have it… 4 weeks in a row of new Saturday night shows!  We hope you enjoy them and we apologize for all of the repeats this year.

-Dave H