There are 2 questions that we get asked the most when we are out and about.

#1 When the hell are you two going to make some new shows?  We actually hear this question quite a bit from OffQ and Black Horizons host Chris Moore.  He’s our biggest fan..although that may have something to do with the fact he doesn’t have cable.  Anyway, to answer this one quickly, we got 4 new ones coming in February, so there!

#2  What’s the deal with the jerseys and why don’t you ever wear jerseys for Pittsburgh teams?!?

When we first started doing our show, we always wore Hawaiian shirts.  Dave H had a big collection of them and he thought we should have a “look” so for about 2 years, that’s what we would wear.  Then we were told by a member of upper management (who’s no longer here) that we need to lose the shirts.   Now, for some reason at that point we switched to sports jerseys.  I’m not sure how that is any different from Hawaiian shirts, but no one bothered us anymore. 

Now, Dave and I are like the Indiana Jones of sports jerseys.  We hunt them down in obscure places for rock-bottom prices, no matter what the team.  We do give bonus points for finding players who are awful or just plain jackasses.  I got a pot-smoking Ricky Williams jersey, a Chad Johnson Bengals jersey plus about 25 others that I found in varous places.

But Dave H gets the prize for most obscure/inane and just plain horrible jersey… Ryan Leaf.  True NFL fans know that Ryan Leaf was a quarterback who was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 1998 as the #2 pick in the whole draft, right after Peyton Manning.  He then proceeded to be possibly the biggest flop in NFL history.  I don’t know where he found this jersey, but damn I’m jealous.  And I thought my Kordell Stewart jersey would never be trumped.

But while we wear a lot of jerseys, we do have and wear a lot of Pittsburgh jerseys.  I have 2 Steeler and 2 Penguin jerseys.  Dave H has a couple Steelers, a Penguins, a Pirates and a Pitt jersey.  So you will find no more die hard Pittsburgh sports fans then us, but we have a lot of jerseys so we got to wear them.

And if you know of any good places to find cheap jerseys, let us know!  I’m guessing a Plaxico jersey would look pretty good right about now.

-Dave R