Well it’s June 5th and WQED’s fine web folks just gave birth to our blog.  Proud mama Joan Guerin and crazy uncles Mike Cuccaro and Jay Volk have helped Dave & Dave learn the ins and outs of this here blog space.  While I’m sure what we’re supposed to do with this blog is interact with folks about the inner-workings of our kooky TV shows, Dave & I have a more sinister agenda.  We vow to do whatever it takes to overtake WQED’s hugely popular ‘bird blog,’ authored by none other than our own Kate St. John.  She’s WQED’s I.T. big-wig and she just happens to know everything about birds.  So is it any wonder her ‘bird blog’ racks up the big numbers?  I’m sure just by mentioning her ‘bird blog’ she’s getting thousands of hits.  So if you’re reading this, forget about going to that original ‘bird blog,’ because you’ve stumbled upon ‘bird blog lite!’  That’s right… You wanna know something about sparrows or why Batman’s sidekick was named Robin, this blog is where you need to comment! 

-Dave H