Dave & Dave recently had the honor of sitting down with Pittsburgh’s favorite pizza sons, Dom (pictured with Dave & Dave) and John Mineo to discuss their family business.  Let’s be real, whenever anyone brings up the topic of Pittsburgh pizza only a few names pop up and topping the list is always Mineos.

Noticed how I said “topping” the list?  Not a bad pizza tie-in!  Anyway… back to the topic… Pizza!  Mineo’s is celebrating their 50th year and after five decades of success you have to wonder what they are doing to keep folks coming back.  And that’s why we dropped by.  Dave & I along with our trusty cameraman Frank stopped by the original Squirrel Hill location on an average weeknight to shoot a TV segment for an upcoming OnQ episode and we found everything from young first-timers to hordes of regulars who’ve been enjoying the pies all their lives.

So we put the Mineo brothers under the hot lights and pelted them with questions trying to figure out their secret recipes and business strategies and they wouldn’t crack.  Apparently the quality ingredients they use seem to have something to do with keeping things consistent and delicious for half a century! 

As usual we did have a moment to sample some pizza for ourselves and we HIGHLY recommend the sausage and pepperoni!  Let us know what you think about Mineo’s pizza and do tune in to OnQ on WQED, Tuesday, November 25th at 7:30pm to see the story! – Dave H