Day one of shooting went so well with Cathy and Stan, we’re really looking forward to today’s interview sessions. We’ve got three of our media friends lined up and they all work with us here at WQED!

First up, Minette Seate in WQED’s studio B.  That’s the studio where they shoot “OnQ” every night.  Minnie goes waaaay back with Dave & I, and of all the “friends” in this show, she’s without a doubt our closest.  Minette does a lot of stuff here at WQED like producing “Black Horizons,” “OnQ” stories, and all kinds of shows, and we love working with her any chance we get.  I’ve also never met a person who knows more people then her.  We could be in a Mongolian restaurant in a suburb of Buffalo, and she’d know somebody at the next table!  Yeah she’s that cool.

Next up, we wind our way down to the edit room home of the one man who knows more about Pittsburgh than probably anybody else we know… Rick Sebak.  This is the man who brought us such classics as “Kennywood Memories,” “The Strip Show,” and dozens more of those great programs that really showcase this region and the people who call it home.  Dave & I have been lucky over the years to benefit from having a producer of Rick’s caliber just down the hall… and we’re lucky to have him in our show.

Our third and final interview of the day is our good pal Mr. McFeely (aka David Newell) from “Mister Rogers Neighborhood.” Pittsburgh is made up of a myriad of neighborhoods but the one thing they all have in common is “Mister Rogers Neighborhood!”  Dave & I grew up with him and I’m betting you did too.  Sadly Fred himself is no longer with us, but McFeely (that was Fred Rogers’ middle name), is and we’re glad to have him as part of the show.

Okay so three more interviews in the can… things are starting to feel like a show!  But lots more to come. – Dave H.