Just like riding a bike, Dave & Dave got back on the horse and we had our first shoot for the upcoming season of WQED’s “OnQ.”  We heard about this new business in the area that was making vodka, so we just had to check it out.  If like us, a lot of you drive on Route 8, you probably see all of the old factory buildings in the Glenshaw area.   Well a part of the former Glenshaw Glass factory is now the new home of Boyd & Blair.  Like an upscale ‘Bartles and Jaymes,’ Boyd & Blair are actually 2 guys (with different names), Barry Young and Prentiss Orr.  These madmen/geniuses are sort of like those guys who home-brew beer and turn it into a micro-brewerey, except they’re doing that with vodka… and not just any vodka, vodka made with Pennsylvania potatoes.          Barry and Prentiss were really passionate about their product and their enthusiasm combined with a lot of expertise is part of the reason why they’ve been able to build the state’s first premium vodka distillery using state-grown potatoes.  The other reason they’ve been successful so far is that their vodka is produced in small batches by just the two of them.  They do it all, and there’s a lot to be said for that.  They are able to insure quality by doing it the old-fashioned way.  And to be sure things are old-fashioned, the facility has no automated processes and no computer-aided distillation equipment.  This stuff is really hand-crafted.  At the end of the shoot, we did get a little taste and those potatoes do give this spirt a level of sweetness that makes it go down smooth.  -Dave H.