For those of you who might not know, Dave & Dave’s Emmy Award-winning cameraman, Frank Caloiero is quite the outdoor adventure maniac.  If the Olympics ever add “Freakout in the Forest” to their list of events, we have America’s gold medal candidate right here at WQED!  After a recent TV shoot for an upcoming Dave & Dave adventure, Frank took us to his favorite park to show us around.  He tells us all the time about his quirky outdoor workout regime, but to see it in person was quite something.  I’ve attached a bunch of pics to see him in action, but if I had to describe what I saw, I’d have to say it was like Cirque du Soliel-meets-The Deerhunter!  Not only did Frank display lots of high-risk agility manuvers, but he also showed us fossils and gave us some insights into the geology of the rocks in the area…. Who knew?????


-Dave H