While it looks like Dave may be just watching TV or downloading something off the Internet that might get him in trouble… he is actually starting the mammoth process of editing the “Strange Pennsylvania” documentary. 

Before things got to this stage, WQED’s Digital Avid worker bees, Amy, Ryan and Andy were able to get all of the tapes we shot on the road “digitzed” into the Avid Adrenaline for us to edit into a show.  WQED is acutally a state-of-the-art HD production facility and we have 2 weeks to turn that mountain of tapes into an hour of fantastic television before we hand it over to Frank (our cameraman, now our finishing editor) so he can make it as watchable as possible, prepare it for closed-captioning, and make sure it’s ready to feed to the Pennsylvania Public Television Network for broadcast across the state.

Many of you might not know that Dave, Frank and myself, in addition to being model citizens and fun TV people, are also highly capable digital non-linear editors who spend most of our workdays editing TV stuff on WQED’s Avid Adrenalines.  Frank also teaches digital editing at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. 

 By the looks of things on the monitors, Dave is beginning to craft the “Lawnmower Racing” story which was the first piece we shot for the program.  That means we have a loooooong way to go!  And yes that is a putter leaning against the console to Dave’s left.  Editing and working on his short game… very nice.  – Dave H.