If you’ve been reading the blog entries from the “Strange PA” trip, you might have noticed that we tend to work food into a lot of the posts.  While we were on the road last week we received notice from PPTN (the Pennsylvania Public Television Network) that they would fund our next program after “Strange PA,” called “Eat Pennsylvania 2: The Second Course.”  For those of you who know us and our work, you may remember our Telly-Award winning documentary “Eat Pennsylvania: A Keystone Plate Special with Dave & Dave” from 2006.  This will be the sequel!  If you’d like to get your hands on a DVD of the original “Eat Pennsylvania,” just go here: http://www.wqed.org/genl/shop/misc.shtml

While we were on the road shooting “Strange PA” this summer (as well as “Offbeat Museums” last summer), we were always on the lookout for those cool places to eat that are institutions in their own areas and stand the test of time.  If you’d like us to include a gem that you know about (it has to be in Pennsylvania), just drop us a comment here or e-mail it to us at daveanddave@wqed.org

      Dave H.