While in Philadelphia shooting, Dave, Frank & I do have a few food traditions that we always try to stick to.  Our first stop in town is always Geno’s for authentic and essential cheesesteaks.  Frank & I do “wiz,” while Dave R goes provolone.  For some reason we’ve never even looked at Pat’s just across the street and have always just chosen Geno’s.  The place NEVER disappoints.  This may very well be the quintessential Pennsylvania sandwich… and “wiz” is a bit strange!  When in South Philly, Geno’s is a MUST STOP.

Something else we discovered while shooting our “Eat Pennsylvania” documentary a few years back was a gelato place called Capogiro.  It’s a family-run joint that has been open  in Philly since 2002.  You can check them out online at http://www.capogirogelato.com/main.html .  This stuff is crafted in small batches with top notch local ingredients.  You can mix & match flavors and sample anything in the case.

Great quality and great taste!  

Sadly, one of our food traditions, breakfast at the Broad Street Diner is no more.  We discovered that the rough around the edges, no nonsense, old school diner closed recently.  Oh well… there’s always the Melrose Diner!  -Dave H.