We’re now south of Easton and north of New Hope, PA in a 7-acre boulder field called Ringing Rocks Park.  This natural wonder lives in Bucks County, is open 365 days a year, and is free for all to enjoy. 

This has got to be the only park on the face of the earth where everyone walks in with a hammer in their hand.  We also saw one guy with a 9-iron and another with a chrome trailer hitch.  The “bring your own tools” thing allows you to take a whack at the boulders and try and get them to ring.  You can also pick up a piece of rock and use that too.  If you do it just right it actually sounds like you’re clanging metal pipes.  Weird?  Sort of.  Strange?  You bet!

Hammer Time!  We’ll post actual video of giant boulders ringing on our next installment! -Dave H.