Well we’re now knee-deep in blob mania after taking part in the runout of the theater. Dave R & Frank were perched atop (yes on top!) of our van that was somehow parked almost directly across the street from the theater amidst the huge crowd so they could get the big wide shot. And where was I? I was using our secondary camera (an HD mini dv) and against the advice of the police officers present decided to stand right in the middle of the street exactly where the crowd would run so I could get action closups. The other photographers weren’t all that happy with my position either because I was in all of their shots. But we’ll do just about anything to get the good shots and make “Strange PA” as fun to watch as possible. You’ll have to wait for the show to see all of that footage!

I’m happy to report that after that mayhem only 1 person slammed into me and it was a kid so I think he got the worst of it! -Dave H