Just west of Philly lies an interesting town called Phoenixville.  I guess I was expecting it to be like Phoenix, just without the dry heat.  What we actually found was a pretty cool place with a lot of charm due to its restored old buildings and storefronts.  The centerpiece of the town is the Colonial Theater which just happens to be the movie theater featured in the film, “The Blob,” which is why we’re here.  “Blobfest” celebrates the classic 1958 sci-fi flick that starred Steve McQueen and was shot completely in Phoenixville and some of the surrounding towns.  As you can see from the photo, people were lining up in droves to be part of the 450 citizens who later that night would re-create the scene from “The Blob” where everyone runs screaming from the theater away from the scary red ooze! 

Blobfest goes on for the entire weekend with lots of events including a scream contest, tin foil hat competition, parade, screenings of the film, and music from the legendary Neanderthals… the band that time forgot!  What a stroke of luck!  The guitar player for the Neanderthals is none other than Eddie Angel, also the guitar player for one of my favorites, as well as one of the best live bands ever, Los Straitjackets!  This will be killer!  

We’re here shooting tonight and Saturday, so we should be able to capture a ton of the kooky madness that is Blobfest.  Did I mention the Neanderthals were here???  Oh yeah.  Plenty more to come from this stop… -Dave H. 

http://www.theneanderthals.com/          http://www.straitjackets.com/