So it’s Friday and today we are driving from Gettysburg to Phoenixville to experience Blobfest 2008.  One problem.  We detected a potential camera problem today that could derail the whole shoot.  While checking our tapes from the Little Horse Farm, he detected a missing pixel, which means a little circle of video was missing from the tape.  Must be a camera problem.

Since we are on the road, you need to be able to improvise.  So where does one take their camera to be fixed when you are hours away from your TV station??  Of course, you take it to a Hobby/Train store.

So we found our way to Tommy Gilbert’s Hobby Shop and met the owner who was able to hook us up with a couple tiny tools to take the lens off and see what was going on.  Frank did his best impression of MacGyver but after a very delicate operation by Dr. Caloiero, the problem still existed and now it looked like we had a bad monitor, not a bad camera.  But we needed to find a place to test the monitor.  Of course, Tommy knew a guy.  That sent us up the road a few miles to….

Jeff Bucher’s Video/Sound Productions.  Jeff is an independent producer here in Gettysburg and he had tons of equipment.  Obviously, he gets PBS producers in his place all the time with faulty equipment, because he was very helpful in providing us with a way to see what the problem really was.  After some fiddling, turns out it was a monitor problem, not a camera problem which means a big WHEWWWWWW!


Frank was so happy he was able to share a laugh with former President Jimmy Carter.  Now, it’s on to Blobfest!  –  Dave R