The Copper KettleAfter a successful shoot day with the “HO scale” horses, Dave, Frank & I planned to have our one extravagant dinner on this trip at the Copper Kettle in Chambersburg.  Chambersburg is only about 20 minutes away from us here in Gettysburg on the historic Lincoln Highway, also known as Route 30 in these parts.

We discovered the Copper Kettle last summer while shooting our “Offbeat Museums” show and knew instantly that it was just one of those places that was a local institution.  When it says “House of Prime Rib” right on the sign, you know there’s no need to look any further into the menu.  Everything about the place screams “consistency for decades.”  And in the restaurant business that’s a good thing to scream!

  filet & crab cake prime rib au jus Deep Fried Cheesecake

What it ultimately comes down to is the food, and once again the Copper Kettle did not disappoint.  The prime rib was the same delicious, melt in your mouth entree we had a year earlier.  Frank summed it up nicely by saying that it was the best meal he’s had since we ate here last year.  That’s saying a lot.  One side note about the meal was Dave R ordering the “deep fried cheesecake” for dessert.  He usually likes to sample the cheesecake wherever we go and against his better judgement ordered the deep fried version.  While not bad, he said it was more like a creme-filled donut than cheesecake. 

Okay, enough about food… it’s now early Friday morning and we’re preparing to leave Gettysburg and make our way to Phoenixville (just west of Philly) for a 2 part shoot at “Blobfest!”  It’s the 50th anniversary of the movie, “The Blob,” and fans of the film from all over are gathering to celebrate the kooky, creature-feature in the town where the climactic scene of the movie was shot. – Dave H.