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EAT PA 2 – Continues!

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Okay, Dave & Dave are back on the road completing stories for “Eat Pennsylvania 2″.  We are so busy shooting that we don’t have much time for blogging… but you can still be part of the action & see what we’re up to… and where we’re at on our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dave-Dave/43175520702

and our twitter page here: http://twitter.com/DAVEandDAVEshow

Twitter & Facebook allow us to share stuff right as it happens!  So whether we’re eating jiggers… texas hot dogs… or even peeps… we can share all the delicious details right away!

Always room for ice cream!

Always room for ice cream!

EAT PA 2 – Production Delay

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hey now

Dave & Dave have been called back to the home base in Pittsburgh to deal with some business that has halted production of EAT PA 2.

We hope to be back on the road soon shooting the rest of the tasty food stops in the show and have it ready for you to see this fall!

Until then… always remember to tip your bartenders and waitresses.

-Dave H.

EAT PA 2 – Philly Trip Day 2

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Day 2 based in Philly took us north about 20 miles to Norristown.  You might not know this, but Norristown not only has an ambassador (who we met!), but they also have a proud sandwich tradition called the “Zep.”

Dave R sampling an Eve's Zep!

Dave R sampling an Eve's Zep!

Our first stop for this local delicacy was Eve’s Lunch.  It’s one of those places that’s been around forever… but has been in a new location for only a couple of years.  So you have plenty of original customers and lots of people re-discovering something they though was lost.

Frank (with no hair) shooting zep making!

Frank (with no hair) shooting zep making!

So what is a zep?  Well it’s kind of like a hoagie, sub or grinder, but there never seems to be any lettuce involved.

Norristown residents apparently have something against lettuce!

Much like the famous cheesesteak sandwiches dotting the region, the thing that makes the zep a contender right from the first bite is the bread.  The freshest Italian rolls I’ve ever had.  Excellent.

Dave & Dave meet zep lover Michael Jordan... the one from Norristown, not the NBA superstar!

Dave & Dave meet zep lover Michael Jordan... the one from Norristown, not the NBA superstar!

The zep does come in a smattering of varieties and the classic Eve’s zep did seem to be almost equaled in popularity by the tuna zep.

Lotsa different zeps at great prices!

Lotsa different zeps at great prices!

Satisfied zep customers!

Satisfied zep customers!

The zep experience at Eve’s Lunch was a yummy one for sure.  Dave, Frank & I were treated to a platter of zeps after we wrapped up our shooting.  All 3 of us gave a huge thumbs up to the Eve’s zep and the spicy pepper sauce that you top it with.  Not to be missed if you are in Norristown!

Slice of heaven!

Slice of heaven!

-Dave H.

Eat PA 2 – Philly Trip – Day 1

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Mostly a travel & recon day… day 1 went very smoothly.  Here are the highlights in pictures…

Day1 Trip to Philly 001

Frank at the wheel… homemade scone in hand?  Whatever.  Frank invented a few words… and has no idea what “potable” means.  He thinks it is the same as “portable.” 




Day1 Trip to Philly 002

Our home away from home… only 2 stops today… a new record! 





Day1 Trip to Philly 004

Three Mile Island in the distance… No incidents to report, just beautiful, clean, natural energy…  Frank is sort of afraid of windmills and blimps.




Day1 Trip to Philly 005

Racing an Amish buggy in Morgantown, PA.  We totally won.  They only had 1 horsepower.





Day1 Trip to Philly 006   Lunch at AJ’s in Morgantown, PA.  (formerly Nick’s & Nunzio’s!)  Pepperoni slices all-around… Frank gives it a whopping “3.”  Sports store next door had a Favre/Jets jersey hanging out front.  Strange.Day1 Trip to Philly 007


Day1 Trip to Philly 009

Welcome to Philly!





Day1 Trip to Philly 011

Some impromptu research at Downey’s Tavern on South Street in Philly.





Day1 Trip to Philly 016

Dinner at Geno’s Steaks in South Philly.  THE mecca for the famous Philly cheesesteak.  “Wit whiz  & onions for Dave H & Frank… wit provolone for Dave R!”  Delicious… yessiree.

New Steelers DVD!

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steelers-dvd-002Ok, I know the Penguins are playing for the Stanley Cup right now and it still counts as hockey season but… Warner Home Video just released a new Steelers DVD that you probably will be interested in.  It came out Tuesday and I think we’re all pretty good at multi-tasking so we can root for the Penguins and take a very nice look back at the Steelers’ run to the Super Bowl.

So why this DVD?  This one contains 4 games..the entire game.  So you get a very important Week #15 game against Baltimore.  You get both playoff games (San Diego & Baltimore) plus Super Bowl 43.  These are the entire broadcast games, not just highlights.  I just re-watched the Super Bowl and I got goosebumps watching the James Harrison interception, and the Santonio Holmes catch in the end zone to win it.  It was probably the best game in Steelers history, and easily a top 3 Super Bowl.

super-bowl-2super-bowl-3The folks at Warner Home Video were nice enough to send us a couple extra copies of the DVD as well and we’re giving them away to our Facebook friends for the next 3 Fridays.  If you like a chance to win one, click on over to our Facebook page to find out how.  – Dave R


the “other” Hank’s in New Brighton

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hanks-nb-2-027So on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, we drove up Route 65 into Beaver County to visit the original Hank’s Frozen Custard in New Brighton.  There are a few differences between the two locations.  This location uses a newer machine to make the frozen custard, and you can’t really taste the difference.  But the big difference comes on the menu.  The location in Conneaut Lake pretty much sticks to just frozen custard.  In New Brighton, they have lots of food to choose from, including a substantial selection of Mexican food.  Yes, Mexican food.  Seems strange but they’ve been doing it for decades and it seems to work just fine.


My favorite touch is the original sign which is two paint brushes with the pallete of paint.  No, they don’t sell paint supplies.  The “paint” is supposed to represent the different flavors of frozen custard they offer.  Oh, that makes sense now.  You can see the new machine is a little more user friendly than the older machines.  Jeff Kohlmann is the owner now and bought it from the family that started the business way back in 1947.  We had some Black Raspberry Cheesecake (with real cheesecake pieces) and it was really good.  Big thanks to our Twitter friend Bree Ramsey who brought us a box of Oram’s donuts.  My daughter Delaney is now hooked and I will now probably be driving to Beaver county to procure these delicacies for her.  You know, we really have to roadtrip to Beaver County more often! – Dave R


Video from Hank’s in New Brighton

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Hank’s Frozen Custard

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Here’s a short video of our trip to Hank’s Frozen Custard in Conneaut Lake. Scroll down for a couple more blog posts about Hanks. – Dave R

the Browns jersey

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Ok, so I wore a Browns jersey on our trip to Hank’s Frozen custard.  Does that make me a bad guy?  Can’t a guy embrace his enemies, even if they stink like the Browns.  Dave H doesn’t think so. – Dave R

Hank’s Frozen Custard – Conneaut Lake

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eat-pa-2-027It was a beatiful sunny day as we wound our way up I79 to Conneaut Lake.  Why Conneaut?  For frozen custard of course.  Hanks’s has been churning out this delicacy since 1952 (not 1951 like Dave H would have you believe!).   So what is frozen custard?  Well, it is a lot like ice cream except it has a higher content of butterfat and egg yolk which makes it thicker and creamier…and healthier right?  It has eggs, those are healthy!



Ryan Hild is now the owner – the 3rd generation to run Hank’s.  If you go up, you’ll probably meet his mother Linda who works there quite often and they have a special flavor for every day of the week, in addition to the usual vanilla and chocolate.  The day we were there, they were featuring a special flavor called “Cake Batter.”  Cake batter?!?  Yeah, that’s what we said.  Well, let me tell you, it tasted like yellow cake batter, but better.  In fact, it was awesome.  eat-pa-2-003eat-pa-2-041Now in case you were wondering, there is another Hank’s Frozen Custard in New Brighton, Beaver County.  They are related, but not really, and we’ll explain that in our new show, Eat Pennsylvania 2: The Second Course.  It’s our new statewide show that will be premiering on PBS TV sets across the commonwealth in the fall of 2009.  Stay tuned to our website for more info and stay custardly Pittsburgh!  – Dave R

For more info about Hank’s Frozen Custard – visit their very handy website at http://www.hanksfrozencustard.com/