Rocky Mountain PBS, PBS Chef Christy Rost and OXO®

host a live facebook chat with renowned PBS chefs


Katie Brown, Rick Browne, Chris Fennimore, Daisy Martinez,  Sara Moulton and Jeff Nathan among participants.   

Rocky Mountain PBS will give away $75 OXO®gift baskets to five lucky foodies.

Wednesday, November 16, 8 – 9 pm ET


 Katie Brown, Katie Brown Workshop 

Rick Browne, Barbecue America

Chris Fennimore, Holiday Table with Chris Fennimore and Dede Wilson

Daisy Martinez, Daisy Cooks!  with Daisy Martinez

Sara Moulton, Sara’s Weeknight Meals

Jeff Nathan,  New Jewish Cuisine with Jeff Nathan and Friends 

Christy Rost, A Home for Christy Rost:  Thanksgiving – Chat Moderator and Host   


 Live facebook chat with PBS chefs on “The Thanksgiving Table and Beyond”

 PBS chefs will discuss what’s on consumers’ minds.  Topics include:

 Balancing health, nutrition and flavor with convenience and budget in today’s fast-paced climate;

Wonderful cultural influences in our increasingly diverse array of cuisines in the United States and how this influences the holiday experience in our country now;

Conventional v. organic ingredients and buying local;

Cooking exceptional holiday meals on a budget;

Tips for on convenience as everyone’s schedules are busier all the time, with a discussion; and

A forecast on trends for 2012.

Everyone is welcome to join this facebook chat, hosted by Rocky Mountain PBS and OXO, and moderated by national PBS Thanksgiving show host Chef Christy Rost www.christyrost.com, for the rare opportunity to ask some of America’s best chefs about everything from food to lifestyle.

Courtesy of OXO, Rocky Mountain PBS will give away five $75 OXO gift baskets. 



 Wednesday, November 16

8 p.m. – 9 p.m. ET  (6 p.m. MT)



 Nearly 400 years following the first Thanksgiving feast, the United States’ family table continues to grow in fabulous ways that reflect the cuisines and cultures of Americans who settled here from around the globe.               

Chef Christy Rost, Rocky Mountain PBS and OXO are bringing together public television chefs from across the country for a lively and insightful conversation on facebook. 

 It’s a rare chance via the wonders of social media – particularly near the holiday season – to get one-on-one time with an entire group of America’s most beloved chefs. The founding home of American culinary television, PBS and CREATE TV feature a diverse group of chefs, who energize, educate and inspire viewers with techniques, flavors and ways to enjoy life through food every day.

Food, wine and culinary television fans are invited to join the conversation and get the chance to win a spectacular OXO gift basket!