Serap Ozcan and her husband, Hasan Ozcan just came by for a visit to my office and left an enormous container of dolmas, stuffed grape leaves. Serap was one of the cooks for our Churchlady cooking II program and I’ve been enjoying events organized by the Turkish Cultural Center of Pittsburgh ever since. These are without a doubt the most delicious stuffed grape leaves I have ever eaten- and they are just beautiful!   I love their fresh lemony taste and the little kick of spice.  She was saying that better versions of this are distinguished by how thin a cylinder is created when you wrap the grap leaves around the rice mixture.  These are pencil thin and absolutely addictive.  My family will be lucky if any of them make it home.  If I can get a recipe from Serap I will post.  The Turkish community here in Pittsburgh works so hard to share their culture and to create an atmosphere of dialogue and understanding.  Bravo to Serap and Hasan and everyone at TCCP.  I can’t wait for their new cultural center to open.