It’s time for the Rusyn Food Festival in Ambridge!  My favorites are the pirohy and ceregi but there’s lots more to sample including two different kinds of halushky.  And it’s not all women behind this Church Lady cooking – John Righetti (a frequent visitor to the WQED cooking programs) keeps it real and now his children are pitching in too.  The Festival runs Aug 4-5-6, 11am to 8 p.m. at St. John Orhtodox Parish Center, 5th St. Ambridge.

Authentic Carpatho-Rusyn food , like pirohy, dumpling halushky, noodle halushky, kobasy and kraut AND lesser known items like Rusyn style borscht, bean and mushroom soup, pagach,( known as Rusyn pizza) and all the Rusyn pastries –nut, poppy and apricot rolls, paska breads, multi-layered Rusyn tort, crepes (palachinky) donuts (cheregi) and lots more. Artisans will demonstrate Rusyn folkcrafts, Rusyn ethnic items for sale and the Slavjane Rusyn folk ensemble of McKees Rocks will perform 3 p.m. Sat..Free admission and air conditioned comfort.
Orders can be placed now at 412-749-0675 and during the festival for 30 minute pickup at 724-266-2610.
I’ll be there on Thursday.