Nancy’s in Wilkinsburg

Since my son is off from school, we headed over to Nancy’s for a breakfast treat last week.  To our surprise and delight, the younger Nancy was back in the kitchen with a stylish close-cropped hairdo and her usual smiling face.  And she’s back to turning out the best home fries in the burgh!  If I haven’t said it before, Nancy’s restaurant is a community treasure.  There is so much more being served up than great food.  One small example:  While we were there I notices a mom in one of the booths with three small children.  When the waitress brought the food she just sat down with this family and started to cut the young peoples food and help them with butter, syrup, drinks, etc.  See if you can imagine that kind of personal care at a restaurant chain.  This kind of thing happens EVERY time I go into Nancy’s.  This place should be swamped with customers every day!  Go and give them a visit.  You won’t be sorry.