When we were visiting my daughter, Maryann, in Rome last summer, I was completely captivated by the coffee culture in Italy.  In the morning people might linger over a big bowl of coffee into which they have poured hot milk and crumbled some day old bread.  On their way to work they might stand at a coffee bar for all of 10 seconds while they down a quick shot of espresso.  The afternoon might call for another shot while lingering at a cafe to chat or watch the world go by and then a cappucino for dessert after dinner with a little biscotti.  Different coffees for different times of the day in different kinds of cups.  The picture above is my afternoon pick-me-up.  Just a quick shot of pure coffee joy to get me through the afternoon.  The crema on top is what makes it perfect for me.  Thanks to Jura Capresso for the machine and LaPrima for the beans.