Field Trip to Penn Hills

I’ve been to Penn Hills many times but apparantly I haven’t seen the best parts – until today.  Thanks to Fred Vaccarelli for introducing me to Pasqualino’s Restaurant on Frankstown Road where the soups are better than home made and for guiding the way to Leonard Labrila’s store just a few hundred yards down the same road.  That store is AMAZING with one of the largest selections of DiCecco pasta I have ever seen and the greatest variety of canned tomatoes, olive oils and other Italian food specialties this side of the Strip District.  But the star of the show out there is Elvira Palumbo how hand makes the crispiest, and yet most tender pizzelles you’ve ever eaten.  They taste home made because they are!  She’s right there in the store with her little griddles turning them out two at a time.  But she is a machine!  She stopped long enough to give me a sample and a smile.  I don’t know which was sweeter.