They have been cooking for weeks over at St. John the Baptist Orthodox Greek Catholic church in Ambridge.  In preparation for the 17th Annual Rusyn Food Festival, John Righetti (one of our QED COOKS Church Lady Cooks) and his own army of church ladies have made 150,000 pirohy!  They’re also serving halushky, chicken, kulbassi and kraut, halubki (stuffed cabbage), pagach (Rusyn Pizza), three different soups and Rusyn summer salads.  In the bakery area they have nut, apricot and poppyseed rolls, palachinky, paska, Rusyn torte and cheregi (as seen on our cooking marathon).   The food is served cafeteria-style in the church’s air-conditioned parish center on Fifth street in Ambridge and there will also be demonstrations of traditional Carpatho-Rusyn folk art, music and dance.  As Righetti says, “This festival captures the total Rusyn cultural experience – the arts, music, dance, tastes, costumes – it’s like going to Europe, but easier and cheaper.”

I’ll be there on Thursday from 11am to 4pm.  Say hello if you see me there.

For more information about the schedule for entertainment, etc. you can call John Righetti directly at 724-822-6709.