During this year’s trip to Niagara on the Lake we spent one whole day sampling just some of the culinary delights the region has to offer.

In the morning we came upon a pig roast set up in a farmer’s market at the nearby strip mall.  chef John arrived with his own customized truck and set up his efficient gas fired pig roaster.  It takes just under four hours to roast a 35 pound pig to crusty perfection.  When the roast is done, they lift the spit to an upper position and just carve the meat right onto the built in trays to keep it warm.  

From there we headed to the Upper Canada Cheese Company in Jordan.

They are making two kinds :  Comfort Cream soft ripened cheese and Canada gold, washed rind cheese.  The first is like a French Brie and the second is a really “stinky” cheese that has wonderfully complex flavors and pungent aromas.

And finally, we found our way back to Whitty Farms where they make the most delicious Butter Tarts in all of Canada.  And I keep asking myself, “Why don’t they make these in Pittsburgh?”  they have all the buttery sweet goodness of a pecan pie with a buttery crust that is more than half the pleasure of these tender treats.  Visit their website for information about what’s fresh from their fields.  But the butter tarts are ALWAYS fresh.