I’m having post Home Show Let down.  All that planning and shopping and cooking and it’s all over in the blink of an eye.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by for one of our demonstrations and a sample of the dishes we prepared.  It was great to see both ends of our audience spectrum represented.

One of our Saturday RegularsJenel Faust


 We even had a few couples who came to the kitchen stage for every demonstration in a day – sort of a blitz cooking experience.

As usual, it would be possible to do all these shows (and not nearly as much fun) without the generous help of some of Pittsburgh’s finest Chefs and cooks.  We had Gaynor Grant from Gaynor’s cooking School on Carson Street, KC Lapiana (the Gadget Queen) from IN THE KITCHEN on Penn Avenue in the Strip District, Chef Eric Fisher from the Sewickley Golf Club (making Italian Wedding Soup), nie Ricci and his wife Sherry from Ricci’s Italian Sausages(making delicious Sausage Rolls), Randy Tozzie from Market District (making enough food for an army) and Chef Pat Joyce from the 17th Street Cafe on the South Side who brought 5 trays of stuffed hot banana peppers. 

Chef Pat Joyce from 17th Street Cafe

Chef Pat is one of our Steel City Chefs and a great supporter of WQED. 
And then there was Barbecue Stu who came by with his friend Chris and about five pounds of the most tender and succulent pulled pork this side of North Carolina.  The audience got to sample three of Stus fabulous barbecue sauces while he told us the secrets to award winning barbecue.
And then there was Carol Pascuzzi, the cheese lady from Penn Mac.  She brought with her a variety of Italian Cheeses of different styles and from different regions of Italy.  We nearly had to send for crowd control help when she put out a half dozn trays of cheeses, sausages, ham, olives and peppers for everyone to sample.

If you see Carol, ask her about the cheese from the north of Italy that is like a creamy version of Gruyere.  It has a flavor that grows in your mouth.

Dear Heart

Thank you, Dear Heart!

Lining up for cheese from Penn Mac


On my way back and forth from the parking area to the Kitchen stage, I passed Aunt Carol’s Gourmet Dips where they had the most amazing flavor combinations.  My favorite this year? – Bacon Chedder Burger.  No kidding.  You can see all their flavors at www.auntcarolsdips.com.  Thank you ladies.  I’ll see you next year.

Aunt Carol's Dips