Crab Cakes

Don’t get me wrong, I like a fish sandwich as well as the next guy.  But the Lenten season is also a great time to drag that can of lump crab meat from the back of the fridge and fry up some crispy and delicious cakes.  You can mix them with some egg and bread crumbs and finely diced peppers and Old Bay seasoning.  But the Old Bay Crab Cake pouches are perfectly measured to go along with one pound of crabmeat and a half cup of mayonnaise.  I whip up an egg white and mix that in as well so that the cakes hold together better and stay nice and moist.  To get perfectly shaped cakes like the ones in the picture we made last night, I take a 3 inch round metal cutter and press the crabmeat mixture into it.  I push it out onto a cutting board and then transfer it to the frying pan with a spatula.  Works every time.  Now, where’s the cole slaw?