Musical Treat

I know you are expecting entries about food and cooking and how to defrost a 42 pound turkey in less than an hour. But man does not live by bread alone. Yesterday I went to a concert at the Carnegie Library in Oakland to hear the Ortner-Roberts Duo. That’s Susanne Ortner on clarinet and Tom Roberts on piano. These two are simply amazing musicians and the combination of their talents and musical styles has created a totally engaging and unique musical experience. He’s a stride piano player with the chops to play Willy the Lion Smith, Jelly Roll Morton and Lucky Roberts (no relation).   She’s a Klezmer virtuoso with all the raucous slurs and runs that make that music so much fun. Together they slip in and out of rag time, klezmer, classical, New Orleans, tango, calypso and musette with reckless abandon and incredible artistry. I only mention this because they are local folks and as soon as the rest of the world catches on to how great they are, we’ll prebably never have a chance to see this duo again.   So check out their website

and get on their mailing list so you can find out where they will be playing next. Amazing!