Food Festival at St. Malachy

It was a hectic but fun night behind the counter at the French booth.  French Booth Crew 2009Jared Kehl is old enough this year to be a big help to his mom, Melissa.  I was there on Friday night and the place was packed from 5 o’clock to 9 o’clock.  Jared was disappointed because he thought there might be some slack time when he could show me his latest card tricks.  He’s becoming quite a prestidigitator.  I think we went through 15 gallons of ice cream while I was there and that’s a lot of crepes.  You could have your choice of toppings from butter rum with sliced bananas, strawberries or hot blueberry; all topped off with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  Each serving probably topped out at 30,000 calories but no one was counting.  And then there were the three different types of quiche, French onion soup, chocolate mousse, cheese cake and ice cream.  I barely had a chance to make my way around to the other booths just to see what they were serving.  The Italian boothGnocchi was featuring home made gnocchi – FABULOUS.  There are the pierogi ladiesTender Pierogi who ladle tender polish dumplings into containers along with sauteed onions and butter.  Talk about service with a smile!Pierogi Ladies

Can’t forget the Slovenian Booth, the Mexican Booth  and then the ever popular German booth where they are serving up tons of slow cooked pork with potato pancakesPotato Pancakes– and these are not pre-made days in advance.  They are cooking the pancakes right there! On my way out the door I always have to stop for a few dozen of the “heavenly” doughnuts.  Again, these are being made right at the moment and are sometimes put in a bag while they are still too hot to eat.  I think of myself as something of a doughnut connoisseur and these are at the very top of my list of all time greatest doughnuts.  I love them just plain but they also have them with sugar, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate and even pumpkin!  And the great thing is that you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging because all the proceeds go to a good cause.

Thanks to Melissa Kehl and all the folks at St. Malachy’s who make me feel so welcome every year.  I wouldn’t miss it.