It’s official — our next cooking marathon will be devoted to CHOCOLATE! And you heard it here first. Now I need everyone to send in their favorite recipes that use chocolate. Let’s see, chocolate cake, mousse, souffle, chocolate covered pretzels, pots de creme, plain old chocolate pudding, chocolate chiffon pie, chocolate mole sauce for Mexican food, chocolate candies, parfaits, chocolate ice creams, gobs, chocolate cookies of every kind. You get the idea. If there’s chocolate or cocoa in the recipe or on the recipe, it qualifies to be included in our next cookbook. The show will be live on Saturday morning, November 21. I’ll be going through the recipes to select a few to be demonstrated on the program. So if you ever wanted to cook on television, now’s your chance.
Get your recipes to me by November 10th and we’ll include them in the book. Get them to me earlier if you want to be considered as an on-air cook. Mmmm, chocolate and nuts, chocolate and cherries, chocolate and coconut, so many great flavor combinations. You can email the recipes to me at or send them by mail to

4802 Fifth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213