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December 17 and 19
Allows the director of an Islamic Center to discuss American Muslims, their fate and how they feel about the war in Iraq. We'll let you know how to create an endowment fund and which local foundation has hit a milestone with funding. Plus, a salute to Frank Bolden who has received a historical marker in the Hill District.

November 26
AIDS World Day is December 1st, find out what more needs to be done to halt this deadly disease and its frightening spread in the African-American community especially among women and girls. Lydia's Place is doing it's part in keeping women out of jail by being mentors while the women are in jail and helping them when they get out but they need volunteers and financial help. And Kuntu Theater is celebrating 30 years of bringing the African-American experience to the stage.

November 19 and 21
Takes a look at the impact state budget cuts will have on community college, especially African-American students who make up 37-percent of the student body at CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County). Plus, a health center has opened which services residents of Hilltop and several other South Pittsburgh neighborhoods regardless of their ability to pay.

November 12 and 14
This show focused on local veterans. Their feelings about the war in Iraq, how they're being treated and other circumstances that they've encountered in life.

November 5 and 7
United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan speaks about what the Violent Crime Impact Team is doing in Pittsburgh and if the team is making a difference. And meet the highest-ranking African-American in Allegheny County Public Defender's office - trial division. You may be surprised.

October 29 and 31
When Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Junior was on Black Horizons he explained to us why charges would not be filed against Housing Authority officers in the death of Bernard Rogers. Now, three local activists who believe Zappala is creating an injustice speak out tonight about the Rogers case as well as the death of Charles Dixon by Mount Oliver Police. Plus, meet Allegheny County's new jail warden and hear his plans for the jail.

October 22 and 24
People in the Hill District community have been asking for years that a grocery store be built in their area. After all these years, it appears a store will be built. Hear from Councilman Sala Udin, the owner of Ebony Development Irv Williams and one of his real estate specialists about what's in store. Westinghouse High School was close to losing its accreditation but the school was able to turn it around. Principal Marilyn Barnett explains how.

October 15 and 17
Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala discusses two controversial issues. First, should parents of young children who take weapons to school be charged with a crime even when no one was injured. Second, the design of a web site listing the names of people who were arrested. A young African-American has designed a computer program that allows visually impaired individuals to surf the web.

October 10
(Friday's Black Horizons is pre-empted by the Presidential Debate)
Faith-Based: Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato along with former councilmen Louis 'Hop' Kendrick and Rev. Dr. James Simms join us to explain how they will make minority contracting and faith-based initiatives work better in Allegheny County. The Director of housing for the Urban League of Pittsburgh discuss the status of housing choice voucher program in our area.

October 1 and 3
Gaming Board: All seven members of the newly created Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board have been selected. Hear what two members have to say about gambling and how it will affect our communities. Plus, Wilkinsburg School District is working with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to raise money to buy instruments tune in to find out how you can help.

September 24 and 26
Hear from three individuals about what's happening with a 1994 federal consent decree that created, The Sanders Task Force and a program that it's funding. The Hill House Association is celebrating 40 years of service to the community hear how you can be a part of it.

September 17 and 19
Pittsburgh School Superintendent John Thompson talks about the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment state exams and breakdowns of what’s happening with students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools with a closer look at African-American students. Plus, hear from Lisa Thorpe-Vaughn, the executive director of Amachi Pittsburgh and find out about an initiative of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation that is doing wonders for children with parents behind bars.

July 30
Encore airing, original aired 2-28-03 and 3-2-03. Learn more about Black Saints and the Catholic Church celebration of such individuals. Movie critique of the Jewish-Israel film festival and the hot debate of what needs to be done about the national health care crisis.

July 23 and 25
Encore airing, original aired 4-16-99. Members of the Teen peer education program talk about talk and teaching teenagers about sex. The Family Health Counsel have a new program connecting health care workers with local churches to ensure good health and we show a bit film that will be shown at the African-American film festival. This show is part of the 30th anniversary special.

July 16 and 18
Encore airing, original aired 2-14-03 and 2-16-03. A look at the Oral History Center which once held a Trolley Station and what it means to the African-American community. A local author talks about his new book that highlights the need for better communication among the young and old. Plus, learn more about a Washington County's home connection to the Underground Railroad.

July 9 and 11
Encore airing, original aired 6-13-99 and repeated 6-15-03. Help is being sought to identify individuals in Charles 'Teenie' Harris photographs. The Carnegie Museum of Art is showing an exhibit of his photos. A look at a local young man trying to make a name for himself in the boxing world and a slice of the new musical the Glorious Rebirth about Black Experience.

July 2
Hour long special: Keepers of the Flame. Pittsburgh African-Americans first, who help mentor young people. This show will be dedicated to Frank Bolden. One of the Keepers of the Flame, who died this year.

June 18 and 20
Black Horizon's hour special, 'The House' about Westinghouse High School which originally aired during the month of February will be shown. We had so many request to see it again. 

June 11
Black Horizon's look at what violence is creating in the community, what one grieving mother is doing to channel her pain and two students idea about why the violence is happening and how to change it. And of course community calendar keeps you in the know.

This show repeats on Friday, June 25th and Sunday, June 27th.

May 28 and 30
Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force holds the 10th and last Pittsburgh AIDS Walk at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park on June 6th, rain or shine. Call 412-242-2550 for more information.

Roger L. Humphries, Sr. Scholarship Fund boat ride on June 6th on the Gateway Clipper. Scholarship benefits musicians who wish to further their education. Visit their website or call 412-321-1069 for more information.

Great West African food can be found in a local cookbook called Zainabu's African Cookbook by Zainabu Kpaka Kallon of Sierra Leone. The book is available from Amazon and at local bookstores.

May 21 and 23
Three universities have a masters nursing degree program: Clarion, Edinboro and Slippery Rock to help get more people, especially minorities into the ranks. Check the websites or call 724-738-4445 for more information

Lemington Elder Care Home, the oldest African-American elderly nursing home in the country, needs assistance to remain open. Check the websites or call 412-441-3700 for information on how to help.

Black Horizon hour special: 'The House,' about Westinghouse High School. (Will repeat on June 4th and 6th.)

May 7 and 9
Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti, a local organization formed in 1983 to assist the people of Haiti become self-sufficient. To help folks can call 412-784-0342.

Gwen's Girl's Parent Smart support group, please call 412-731-7670 for more information.

Birdie Nichols and the Glorious Rebirth Performing Troupe present a vivid concert at Laketon Heights United Methodist Church. The concert kicks off at 6pm Sunday, May 23rd and will help needed funds for the church. Need more information? Call 412-241-9170.

April 30 and May 2
Kingsley Association needs the continued support of the community and if you would like to help call 412-661-8751. The grand opening of the new community center is June 24th.

The 28th Annual Minority Business Opportunity Fair occurred on May third and fourth at PNC Park and Heinz Field. Businesses that would like to participate or minority business owners that are interested in more information can call 412-391-4423 log on to the Pittsburgh Regional Minority Purchasing Council website.


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