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4007 (Re-broadcast) Hip Hop on Lock

Airs 6-4 (Create), Pre-empted on HD & w/o 6-4-10

John J. Clark talks about LIHEAP, a rebroadcast of the ’03 Julian Bond interview and a profile of the Hip Hop on Lock project.


#4118 Race In America Conference

AIRS 5-28 (Create), 5-30 (HD) & w/o 5-28-10 (Neighborhood)

Chris Moore discusses the University of Pittsburgh’s upcoming “Race in America” Conference with featured speakers Dr. Ralph Bangs (Univ. of Pitt), Dr. Alfred Blumstein (CMU) and Vic Walczak of the ACLU.

#4117 Dealing with Disability

AIRS: 5-21 (Create), 5-23 (HD) & w/o 5-21-10 (Neighborhood)

In accordance with Highmark’s Beyond Boundaries week, stories on the disabled including profiles of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Chaz Kellum and the Three Rivers Ctr for Independent Living. Also, an interview with Lucille Prater-Holliday of Pennsylvania Communities Organizing for Change.

Black Horizons #4116 Chief & Union

AIRS: 5-7-10 (Create), 5-9-10 (HD) and w/o 5-7-10 (Neighborhood)

Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophelia Coleman; Service Employees International Union Director Sam Williamson and Sodexo cafeteria worker Henry on their ongoing strike; and, from OnQ a profile of author Sharon Flake.

Envela/2nd Chance

AIRS: 4-30-10 (Create), 5-2-10 (HD) & w/o 4-30-10

Black Horizons #4115 Envela/2nd Chance

Host Chris Moore interviews Gus Envela, Jr., President, Voice of Democracy for Equatorial Guinea on his fight for justice in his country; a re-broadcast of OnQ's "Birding for Everyone"; and, Dr. Sharon Lowe and Lisa Walker of A Second Chance, Inc., on kinship foster care.


Fighting Obesity

Airs: 4/9 (Create); 4/11 (HD) & w/o 4/9/2010 (Neighborhood)

Chris Moore hosts this special obesity edition featuring interviews with social worker, Dr. Lovie Jackson and pediatrician, Dr. Tatanisha Smith. And from OnQ, “FitWits,” a healthy lifestyle managing service helping area families.

Courier & City Theatre

Airs: 4/2 (Create); 4/4 (HD) & w/o 4/2/2010 (Neighborhood)

Host Chris Moore interviews playwright Cori Thomas on her play now at Pittsburgh’s City Theatre “When January Feels Like Summer” and the latest edition of “Above the Fold,” featuring New Pittsburgh Courier publisher and editor Rod Doss.

New Charters

AIRS: 2-26 (Create), 2-28 (HD) & w/o 2-26-10 (Neighborhood)

Black Horizons #4112 NEW CHARTERS
Rec: 2/22/10 Air: 2/26 – Create; 2/28 HD; and w/o 2/26 Neighborhood

Host Chris Moore interviews former Pittsburgh School board member Randall Taylor and charter school advocate Sarah Jamilla Martin on charter schools vs. public schools. Also, from OnQ, Chris’ segment: “Slave to Soldier,” a history of the African American fighting man. And a new edition of “On the Horizon.”

Black Horizons "Me Too, Redux"

AIRS: January 12 (Create), Pre-Empt (HD) & w/o January 14 (Neighborhood)

Chris Moore hosts his 1997 documentary “Me Too, Jr” his personal story of two sons, a father and how much the world can change.


Jobs & Violence Survey

February 5 (Create), February 7 (HD), w/o February 7 (Neighborhood)

Host Chris Moore discusses minority job site and vendor opportunities during the city’s latest round of redevelopment with Clarence Curry from the Sports and Exhibition Authority and Ron Porter from the Pittsburgh Penguins. Also a tribute to Lee Archer, Tuskegee Airmen and the country’s only black Ace Pilot. Also, an interview with the Metro Urban Institute’s Ronald Peters on his Violence Survey

Black Horizons "Police and HIV"

AIRS: January 29 (Create), January 31 (HD)
and w/o January 31 (Neighborhood)

Host Chris Moore discusses the Southwestern Pennsylvania Aids Coalition's mission and their upcoming educational and testing event with members Dr. Marla Johnson and HIV survivor Sheila Taylor. Also, Chris discusses the unknow details of many of Pittsburgh's most infamous police brutality cases with Officer Chuck Bosetti.


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