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WQED Presents

How would you like to see your favorite artist perform LIVE from the best seats in the house? With your contribution of $50 to WQED Presents, you will have this very opportunity! It's simple: WQED gets the best seats for some of the most exciting shows in Pittsburgh's best performance venues. By contributing $50 annually to the WQED Presents Club, you get advance notice of these performances and the opportunity to pledge for the best of the best seats!

PatrizioBy joining WQED Presents, you will receive:

  • Advance opportunity to pledge for seats for events and concerts
  • Discounts when available
  • Ability to acquire best seats for WQED events and concerts
  • Quarterly newsletter with upcoming events and concerts
  • Opportunities to join WQED phone banks during LIVE celebrity appearances


WQED Presents Club Policy:

  • WQED Presents Club members are limited to pledging for no more than 6 "best of the best" seats at any given time to ensure that all Presents members have an opportunity to pledge. You may pledge for additional tickets, however you will be seated in the order in which your pledge is received.
  • EMAIL is the best and fastest way for us to communicate ticket opportunities to you. Please call us today to update or provide your email address!
  • Presents members can pledge for the "best of the best" seats up until the deadline date listed under the concert. After this deadline date, members may continue to pledge for tickets, however they will be seated behind Presents members.
  • Tickets will be mailed approximately 1 month before concert.
  • Tickets are a thank you gift for your pledge to WQED.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and must be placed on a credit card.
  • "The best of the best seats" are determined by the venue, not WQED.
  • Presents Club members will be seated in the order in which their pledges are taken.

Celtic WomanWQED Presents is the only club of its kind in Western Pennsylvania! The fantastic support of our members enables WQED Multimedia to air the quality performance programs that you have grown to love! Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity for you and your friends to join the most unique club in Pittsburgh, WQED Presents! To join WQED Presents, simply complete our SECURE FORM or call 412-622-1370 or 1-888-622-1370 for more information.

If you have any questions about the WQED Presents Club, please contact us via email or phone at 412-622-1382.


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